MUFON to Celebrate First Annual World UFO Day Festival

MUFON to Celebrate First Annual World UFO Day Festival

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The Tennessee chapter of MUFON are going to have an out of this world party on July 2, 2015 as they celebrate the first ever World UFO Day Festival. According to the press release


The World UFO Day Festival will be a day-long event with a wide array of attractions including family events, great music, a moon-walking contest, alien costume contest, pet alien costume contest, family movie and documentary viewing, carnival rides and games, food vendors, balloon release, and much more, including some of the country’s best known researchers and experiencers in the field of Ufology.

I predict that shortly after the balloon release there are going to be a lot of UFO reports coming into MUFON HQ.

“OMG! I just a whole fleet of UFOs!”

“Did they look like balloons?”

“Yes! They must be using some sort of cloaking device!”

I really hope an alien takes this opportunity to mingle with humans. He could easily claim he’s just there for the costume contest.

We here at UFOMG! (i.e. me) would absolutely love to attend this festival, but I am unable. If someone reading this will be there please submit your pics and stories to us!

Read all the details about the MUFON First Annual World UFO Day Festival from their official press release found here:

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