UFO Detection Software

UFO Detection Software

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I am currently researching a way to set up a 24/7 monitoring system here at UFOMG HQ to detect and record UFOs when (or if) they occur in the surrounding airspace. I figure I’ll set up 4-6 cameras on the roof all pointing upward. In order to actually capture the images I’ve begun looking into what sort of software to use. Naturally, I don’t want it to constantly record because the amount of data gathered would make my hard drive explode, so I need something that records only when a UFO (or even IFO) is detected. So far I’ve found these contenders that you fellow UFO hunters might be interested in:


UFOCapture by SonotaCo

Project CE

I have also posted a question about this to the /r/ufos community at Reddit. There has been a lot of good feedback form the folks over there worth checking out (I am Reddit user fried_eggs_and_ham):


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